About Us

UMS Press, which is the Publication Unit of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, was established on March 1, 2001.  Director of UMS Press reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor of UMS.


Sourcing and selection of manuscripts for publication  are managed by a committee chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and  composed of  deans, directors and heads of units. In addition, each school, institute, center and unit have a permanent representative in the committee.

UMS Press has been given the responsibility to control the quality of publication of all manuscripts approved for publication by the Publication Committee of UMS.


To build and develop knowledge and skills towards Universiti Malaysia Sabah’s excellence at the global level.


  • To be UMS imprints centre that guarantees its publication qualities
  • To develop and expand UMS academia’s scholarly publication at local and global levels.
  • To carry out scholarly publications programmes (printed and electronic) in the form of monographs, books and journals.
  • To market, distribute and promote UMS publications through conventional distribution methods and electronic channels.
  • To develop an information network among the public universities to coordinate and monitor the universitiy  activities  to avoid duplication of  titles and waste of limited experts, time and funds.
  • To foster cooperation and coordination in scholarly publication among university’s publishers,  research centers, MAPIM, MKBK, MABOPA, MBSA, MBIA (Booktrade Malaysia), AAUP, and so forth.
  • To foster cooperation and professional relationships with universal scholarly publishers and organizations such as the AAUP UNESCO, Library of Congress and so forth.

Sourcing of Manuscript Policy

UMS Press accepts manuscripts in Malay and English. In addition, manuscripts in other languages, covering the fields of study offered by UMS are also considered.

Distribution of Publication

Like other publishers,UMS Press conducts its marketing, distribute and promote activities. Any inquiries from companies interested in promoting, distributing and marketing of UMS publication are widely welcomed.