Coronaviruses: Transmission, Frontliners, Nanotechnology and Economy
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Authors: Pasupuleti Visweswara Rao, Balam Satheesh Krishna, Mohammad Saffree Jeffree
Year Published: 2021

ISBN: 9789672738176
Soft cover, 134 pages

With the huge experience more than a decade as an author, co-author and reviewer, the editors decided to share the knowledge on the current problem which is COVID-19. The information about corona virus and its impact on various aspects including society, economy and the quality of life is clearly given in this book. The virus has been spread across the globe and troubling the mankind. Till date, several countries have been damaged literally not only with the lives, but also with the loss of economy, mental ability, psychological issues etc. More variants of this virus have also been observed with more severity and damage to the humans. This pandemic affected the life of the people socially, economically, physically, and mentally. The human loss through this pandemic cannot be recovered.


The awareness about the virus, its transmission and precautions, causative ways, different methods of drugs etc. needs to be provided to the layman and as whole to the community. This book mainly aims to answer all the above raised issues and worked out thoroughly. Thus, this book is a comprehensive information with basic knowledge about different aspects surrounding COVID-19. Layman, Young researchers, basic science graduates, medical and clinical sciences graduates, students, hospital workers, nurses, doctors, engineers, and every professional area of people can benefit from this book.